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Vehicle Fleet

Our fleet consists of late model equipment spec’d with driver comfort in mind and subject to a rigorous in-house maintence program.

Tractors are equipped with e-logs & scanners to make border crossings and communication with dispatch simple and easy.

Our drivers love the scanner and our automated customs clearance system as they no longer have to worry about stopping to fax and calling for their entry numbers it is all done for them automatically.

Owner operators are also equipped with e-logs and scanners and enjoy all the conveniences offered the company drivers.

Van Division

Van Division trailers are all air ride equipped with 101” inside height and 99” inside width, 53 ft long They are also equipped with logistic posts and some have tie downs in the floor. To save weight and generate efficiencies, a number of these trailers ride on wide base “ super single” tires as well as trailer skirts.

Van Division

Bulk Division trailers are pneumatic purpose built for dry bulk delivery and have a cubic ft internal capacity of 1650 cu to 1850 cu ft depending on the configuration and area of operation. There are a number of axle configurations available for us in both Canada and the US. If you have specific requirements, please call and inquire.

Flatbed Division

Wayfreight is equipped with a number of modern 48 & 53 ft flat bed trailers to accommodate customer needs. The trailers are equipped with ample tie downs, sliding ratchets and whatever combination of tarps that is required. In addition, the majority of the trailers are air ride, and equipped with side base, “super single” tires. The flat bed division also uses trailers equipped with a sliding tarp system, or covered wagon as they are known as well as air ride equipped low boy trailers also referred to as step decks.