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About Wayfreight


Wayfreight Services Ltd began operations on Aug 28, 1992 and this was as a result of the closure of Servall Transport Ltd.

At the time, Servall Transport was the largest truck load carrier in Canada, covering the continental US and Canada using owner operators. There was also a Heavy Haul component to this company and the entire company closed on Aug 25, 1992, a victim of the deep recession of that year. The ownership of Servall Transport were unable to find a buyer for the complete company so the decision was made to shut it down entirely to cut the losses.

Rick Way and Ian Kelland became recognized the potential of a smaller company, better managed and with select group of premium customers, all of which were located in the KW area. A partnership between the two men was arranged and, with strong customer and employee support, operations commenced.

Wayfreight Services Ltd was primarily a contract truck load carrier at that time, serving s small but high volume client base, using multi axle trailers, floats, step decks and extendables. The area of operation was Ontario only and recession or not, the company flourished in those uncertain times.

As has been the case in truck transportation since the beginning , customer demand soon found Wayfreight serving Quebec, Western Canad and the continental US. Wayfreight has always been employee and customer driven and we built the fleet recognizing customer needs. Vans, Team Operations, Super Loads soon became part of our normal operation. For example, the widest load we ever moved was 26 feet wide between Kitchener and Sarnia. The heaviest load we moved was 189,000 lbs to the Port of Toronto and the widest load we moved as 15’ 6” wide to Louisiana. Oh yes, our longest load was 85 feet long between Cambridge and Los Angeles Ca.

By this time we were using company trucks as well as owner operators to meet demand.

Wayfreight soon outgrew its rented facility in Kitchener so the decision was made to purchase land and erect a building in order to handle the size the scope of the company.

Property was purchased in Aberfoyle Ontario and a brand new, custom built terminal was opened in August of 1999.

By then we had changed the direction of the company from heavy multi axle inter Ontario to a Cdn, US truck load carrier offering premium service with both vans , flat beds, and specialty trailers and our reputation for good safe service brought us further opportunities with new customers, and an enlarged company truck fleet.